Top Picks for the Best Frisbees for Ultimate Play


If you’re a fan of ultimate frisbee, then you know that having the right disc can make all the difference. The best ultimate frisbee discs will be sturdy, lightweight, and easy to grip. After thorough research, we have found some of the top picks for the best discs to use for ultimate frisbee.

One major consideration when selecting a frisbee is its weight. Most frisbees used for ultimate are light, which makes them easy to throw and catch. The discs come in different weights, ranging from around 150 to 175 grams. Another factor to consider is the shape of the disc. A flat shape or low-profile disc will enable you to throw it farther and more accurately, while a more rounded shape might be better for beginners.

The material that the frisbee is made of is crucial as well. A high-quality plastic or composite material can increase durability, making the disc last longer. The best ultimate frisbee discs will also have good grip, ensuring that you can catch and throw with ease.

Ultimately, the best ultimate frisbee discs are the ones that feel comfortable in your hand. You want a lightweight disc that is easy to grip and throw, with great accuracy. Keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect frisbee for your ultimate games. Happy playing.