What Is A Toro Sprinkler Valve?


A Toro sprinkler valve is a device that controls the flow of water in an irrigation system. It is typically used to turn on or off the supply of water to a specific zone in a lawn or garden. A Toro sprinkler valve may also be used to regulate the amount of water flowing to each zone, as well as the duration of the watering cycle.

The most common type of sprinkler valve is the solenoid valve, which uses an electromagnet to open and close the water flow. Solenoid valves are often used in automated irrigation systems, as they can be controlled by a timer or controller. Other types of sprinkler valves include manual valves (which are opened and closed by hand), ball valves (which use a ball to block or allow water flow), and diaphragm valves (which use a rubber diaphragm to control the water flow).