What Is Consultative Selling? – 3 Things To Know


Consultative selling is a consultative approach to the sale of goods or services. It’s a process that involves asking questions and working with clients to identify their needs, goals, and expectations before making any recommendations. There are 3 main points you should know about consultative selling if you’re interested in this marketing strategy for your business:

– The consultative salesperson usually has more knowledge than the customer does on product features, benefits, prices, etc., but not always.

– Consultative salespeople use consultive techniques like questioning prospects about their current situation (e.g., “What are some typical problems you run into?”), identifying prospect goals (e.g., “Do you want more time or money?”) and probing to determine what the prospect is trying to accomplish (e.g., “What recommendations have you received from suppliers?”).

– It focuses on asking questions and listening carefully to understand your client’s needs, rather than talking about yourself or pushing a product until they buy it.

In conclusion, consultative selling is a more relationship-focused approach to sales. It’s based on understanding your prospect’s needs and helping them find the best solution, rather than just pushing products. If you’re looking to improve your sales skills, learning consultative selling is a great place to start.