What Is Verbatim Court Reporting?


Verbatim court reporting is a term used to describe the type of court reporting done verbatim. This means that every word spoken in the courtroom is captured and recorded. This type of court reporting can be very beneficial for attorneys, allowing them to record everything said during the trial accurately.

What should I know about this?

This reporting allows for an accurate and verifiable record, which can be used in future hearings and proceedings. With verbatim court reporting, discrepancies between what was said in the courtroom and what was written down can easily be identified and resolved. Verbatim reporting also helps ensure that all witnesses are correctly identified, and their testimony is accurately captured. This reliable recording allows attorneys to prepare a more compelling case as they have access to an accurate recording of the entire proceedings.
Verbatim court reporting is essential for creating a verifiable record that can be referenced throughout all trials or proceedings, ensuring accuracy, fairness, justice, and due process are upheld.

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