3 Things You Should Know About UAT Process


If you are a company owner, the UAT process is something that you should be aware of. What does UAT stand for? UAT stands for “User Acceptance Testing.” This article will discuss three things that every business owner who wants to improve their UAT process needs to know.

1) User acceptance testing means different things to different people. There are many UAT definitions, ranging from software development to usability testing at the end-user level. Your definition must match what your company needs to be successful with UAT process improvement strategies.

2) The best UATs start by getting feedback from clients about what they want from the website before any development begins. This is why UAT process improvement starts with research.

3) UAT process improvement always starts with UATs that are documented and available for anyone to see. UAT testing is an integral part of any UAT process. It is not something you do behind closed doors because it’s embarrassing or problematic.

Research your market to make sure you are developing the right product for them before UAT begins. If you need help getting started on UAT process optimization or improving UATs in general, check out this article that offers tips and tricks of the trade!