Bollards For Parking Lots: Security And Safety


Parking lot bollards are a parking lot’s first line of defense against people parking where they shouldn’t. They help keep your parking spaces free for customers shopping at your business. Still, they also serve as an essential safety measure. Bollards are installed in parking lots to prevent vehicle-based terrorism and protect pedestrians from getting hit by cars that have gone out of control or been driven into crowds intentionally.

What should I know about this?

Parking lot Bollard installation is not complicated, but it does require the right tools and knowledge to do it correctly.
Every parking lot should have bollards. It is crucial to install them correctly and safely, especially if you expect drivers not familiar with your parking lot layout or shopping center staff members who may need access to the parking areas without a key fob that opens all of the lanes like retail stores often do. Suppose someone does get into an accident in one of your parking spaces due to poor signage, missing bollards, or incorrect installation. In that case, it could be devastating for both parties involved and cost you money through lawsuits and increased insurance premiums!

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