Modern Slavery Statistics: A Global View


Modern slavery statistics: Modern slavery is a modern-day form of slavery that involves exploiting people for commercial use. It typically takes one or more forms of mental and physical abuse to coerce some individuals into accepting these conditions. Modern slaves are often subject to violence, threats against their families, sexual assault, restrictions on movement, withholding their paychecks. Hence, they have no independent income or access to bank accounts and other abuses.

The modern slave trade has been around since at least the 1800s, with an estimated 27 million people enslaved in 2016 alone. This number only includes those who were found by authorities. However, many others remain unidentified because they do not know how to escape this life or fear retaliation from their traffickers.
It is estimated that there are more than 40 million modern slaves in the world today. That’s an average of one modern slave for every 30 people on earth! While modern slavery occurs worldwide, it is most prevalent in Asia and Africa. Modern slaves can be as high as 4% of their population in some countries.