Network Security Expert Witness


What is network security?

It is the protection of network resources from outside attacks. This includes protecting against malicious code, protecting network devices and equipment, securing data in transit, and monitoring network activity. Network security experts are often called upon to provide expert witness testimony in court cases that involve cyber-criminal activities or other network crimes.

A network security expert witness provides expertise about computer networks when they are needed for a legal case. These individuals can be called to testify as an expert on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant in a trial to help determine liability for damages caused by unauthorized access to company data or systems. The information they provide helps judges understand the technical aspects of cybersecurity incidents so that any judgment can be made in a fair and informed manner.

Network security expert witnesses (NSWEs) are experts who testify in court about the network or computer-related crimes. NSWEs provide testimony on network and network-connected devices, network connections, network data transmission, and other related matters. They can analyze the evidence that is collected during an investigation to determine if it was tampered with or compromised by unauthorized access. Additionally, they provide analysis of digital media for authenticity and integrity purposes.