Product Manager Storytelling: 3 Things You Need To Know


Product manager storytelling: Product managers often have a difficult time telling their product stories to stakeholders and executives. This article is going to give you three things that product managers need to know when they are storytelling about their product:

1) Start with the big picture – most people don’t care about what your product does, but rather how it will make them better at their job or help them run a more successful business. Try using language like “here’s how our product can make your life easier.”

2) Keep it simple – too many details can overwhelm stakeholders and put them on the defensive. Give just enough information so that they understand why this product is important and why they should care.

3) Speak in your audience’s language – product managers need to remember that they should communicate with stakeholders using the same terms and ideas already familiar to them, not ones you think they will understand.
It’s important to know how product management can be applied in different industries and the three things you need to know before telling your product story.