The Best Keto Takeaways In The UK


Keto is a ketogenic diet that has been gaining popularity in the UK. There are many keto takeaway UK options available for those who want to try keto but don’t have the time or energy to cook their meals. Here we will discuss some of the best keto options and keto-friendly dishes you can order from them!

Top takeaway options

Keto Indian Takeaway: One keto-friendly dish you can order from an Indian restaurant is a chicken tikka masala. This traditional Indian meal includes grilled chicken in a spicy, creamy sauce that contains many keto-friendly ingredients such as coconut milk and heavy cream. It also comes with rice which will add to your carbs for the day, so be aware of this if you’re on ketosis. Another option would be ordering butter paneer or palak paneer instead! These dishes are made up of pureed spinach and cheese cubes cooked together in savory cashew-based gravy – both perfect ketogenic meals!
Keto Pizza Delivery: Ordering low-carb pizza doesn’t have to mean getting breadsticks, either.

These options will please you and your family.